Who can be Reappointed ?
  • Agents terminated for failure to bring in minimum business to be secured by an agent.
  • Agents terminated on account of expiry of licence.

All such agents who can above conditions and termination of agency exceeding 24 months or agent who had resigned earlier will be considered for reappointment. Under no circumstances, an agent who has been terminated on account of a vigilance enquiry, disciplinary action, early claim, etc. should be reappointed. Reappointment for all practical purpose will be considered as a new appointment. The Competent Authority for reappointment shall be Senior / Divisional Manager I/c and the reappointed agent will be attached to the Development Officer who has motivated him/her for reappointment. However, agents who had been appointed as direct, on reappointment shall be direct only and shall not be attached to any Development Officer. Further no Urban Career Agent on reappointment shall be attached to any Development Officer.

The agent on reappointment will get a new agency code. If the agent has a valid licence, or renews his/her licence so that it is in force on the date of reappointment, he/she need not undergo fresh training and test as per IRDA Regulations. However, if the licence of the agent is not in force on the date of reappointment, he/she shall be required to undergo training and test as per IRDA Regulations like any other person applying for fresh appointment. If prior to termination he/she was eligible for renewal commission, he/she continues to get renewal commission under that agency code. If not,then he/she shall not be entitled to the renewal commission on business done earlier. No benefits of the tenure of the old agency would be made applicable to the new agency for gratuity, club membership etc.